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Podcast #48 feat High Wolf

48_siteBack in late January winter was still in the forefront of our minds and the darkness still consumed the evenings. We had to seek out the warmth and thanks to the lovely lads at Bop Yestrum we didn’t have to look very far.

High Wolf uses loops, percussive sounds, fuzzy keyboards and obscure sunken melodies to create an engaging soundscape while skirting a haunted forest of sonic immersion. (“8/10 on the wanky description scale there Matt” – Si)

Couple this with a platter of new and not so new sounds and you have Podcast #48; don’t fret, Spring is almost here.


My Bloody Valentine – She Found Now
Mountains – Liana
Autechre – 1 1 is
Rainer Veil – Struck
Prurient – You Show Great Spirit
Vatican Shadow – The House of the Followers
Filthy Huns – Hot Morning

High Wolf – live @ Menagerie – Jan ’13

Umberto – Night Fantasy