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Matt Hazley Matt Hazley is the brainiac behind Imprint, which he started in 2009 after having spent several years on local radio. Perhaps the most psychologically gifted music-listener in recent memory, Matt has an unparalleled knack of picking out ear-molestingly good music and collating this effort in the form of the Imprint podcast. Cementing his status as professional legend, Matt has also bestowed Belfast with several Imprint-themed gigs in recent years, bringing the likes of Knxwledge and Solar Bears to local stages. Matt enjoys sleep-talking, and can be heard most nights sounding like he’s on the verge of saying something really, really profound.

siSi McNair Si McNair is currently writing up a PhD in cognitive psychology, which he drunkenly got himself involved in a few years ago. Originally from Donegal, he came to Belfast in 2004 and quickly became involved in local radio, and the black arts. Imprint represents his return to radio-based stuff since his PhD prevented him from having any form of life several years ago. When not fawning over Batman comics or Podcasting for Imprint, Si spends his time (badly) grooming his beard, and wishing he had time to finally complete Sonic 3. A soon-to-be misanthropist by trade (a.k.a. “psychologist”), this probably explains a lot of why Si is mainly interested in post-rock and other forms of instrumental music that don’t contain human voices. When he does go outside, Si can be found DJ’ing at monthly local clubnight: Radiation. Ladies: calm thyselves.

paulPaul McCarthy We know what you’re thinking and yes; this is the Paul McCarthy who trades electronic beats and bangers under the name of DeTwist. Having recently laid one of Belfast’s best monthly electronic clubnights to rest (RIP Ecker), Paul is currently filling that void with his new monthly electro-party: Chutney, as well as podcasting for Imprint. As a PR agent, Paul has worked with several of the world’s biggest pop-celebs, and his biggest claim to fame so far is that was once in the same room as Rihanna when she farted, and he smelt it. Paul brews his own beer as a hobby, and has so far managed to not kill anyone with this endeavour.

tonyTony Moore Tony Moore is a freelance graphic designer and branding guru, and is responsible for designing the lovely site you’re currently viewing. Revered by his peers, Tony’sexpertise and skills are in constant high demand, with many proclaiming him to be a modern day design messiah. When not designing the shit out of shit, Tony likes to wind down by hitting up his local skatepark. He pulls a sweet 360 underknuckle McShifty. Tony is a two time Royal Rumble winner, and was runner up in the 1998 King of the Ring tournament, having been narrowly defeated by Ken Shamrock.

currieStephen Currie is the 52nd most famous person in Belfast, earning this accolade thanks to his unending dedication to the local music scene which he is involved in through his record label, Savour Your Scene Records, and through his band Gacy’s Threads, of which he is drummer. Working as a web designer, Currie constructed the Imprint website using only a computer, mouse and keyboard. Often, he likes to shout at the code. Currie owns an impressive collection of Captain America comics (seriously, he has nearly every single one), and eats bowls of up to six Wheetabix at once. Absolute lad.

tomTom McClelland Tom and his Korupt crew are IMPRINT’s resident videographers. Quite frankly, Tom is almost too cool to be hanging around these parts but we convinced him to join us by dangling a six pack of Diet Coke in front of him and promising him new roller blades. When not shooting videos, Tom likes to slide down rails, jump over ledges and generally cheat death all with wheels under his feet. He has a sick tattoo, a BMW and all of the bitches.

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